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Get pure water with high-performance solutions

Stocking up on bottled water is expensive and wasteful. Choose a safe, green, and cost-effective solution and consider the reverse osmosis drinking water systems from Water Specialties Group, Inc..

Whether your family is filling a pot for cooking, rinsing vegetables, or getting a glass to drink, you expect the healthy water they deserve – now you can assure it.

The RO drinking water systems from Water Specialties Group, Inc. are simple, economical, and environmentally friendly!

RO Drinking water systems

Clear Flo® – Advanced systems for healthier water



Clear Flo® RO drinking water systems filter water all the way down to the molecular level to ensure healthier, fresher water every time you turn on the faucet. These systems send contaminants and impurities, including heavy metals, fluoride, chlorine, and large suspended particles, down the drain. Only the best water makes it through the filtration to your tap!

  • Removes large and small suspended particles, as well as dissolved solids
  • Reduces the presence of heavy metals, fluoride, sodium chloride, sulfate, and chlorine
  • Treats up to 100 gallons per day

Product Line Brochure | Owners Manual


Inline carbon block filter


The InterFlo makes it easy to enjoy clear, cold water right from your tap. This specialty filter installs directly into your cold water line for simple, convenient access. The InterFlo is certified, tested, and holds easy turn-and-click cartridges. The InterFlo effectively removes:

  • Chlorine
  • Cysts
  • Giardia
  • Lead
  • Live Cryptosporidium
  • Particulates

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Commercial Reverse Osmosis SystemWhole House Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment Systems


These systems will dramatically improve the quality of water throughout your home. These are complete turnkey systems that include the necessary pre and post treatment to protect the R/O, plumbing in the home, and ensure maximum performance and trouble-free operation. Additional components to the system include the necessary storage tanks and repressurization system needed for each particular home.

These systems provide healthy, great tasting water, as well as, soft, smooth skin and healthier hair when bathing in this water. High-quality reverse osmosis water reduces soap, cleaning products, and cleaning time.

  • Dramatically reduces high total dissolved solids (mineral content) and is similar to bottled water
  • Greatly reduces or eliminates undesired substances such as chemicals, heavy metals, and organic material
  • Includes sanitization to keep the water fresh in the storage tanks
  • Greatly reduces the cost for maintenance and replacement of appliances and fixtures throughout the home
  • Significantly increases the life of appliances, fixtures, and clothes using water
  • Each system is custom designed and tailored to your water quality goals and needs for your home

Whole Home RO Brochure

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