The earliest reference to the term “squeaky clean” that we could find came in a 1936 ad for shampoo. They touted the benefits of having hair so clean it squeaked! This was not the first time a harsh detergent had managed to strip a person’s skin and hair of all of their natural oils, but it was the first reference we could find celebrating the idea!

Through the power of early viral marketing, consumers soon attributed the ubiquitous squeak with true cleanliness. We understand why the target audience embraced the idea, as there had been no previous standard for cleanliness set. Once the campaign took off, the same company that sold you the soaps and detergents could sell you new products to counter the negative effects of this level of… clean.

Lotions and moisturizers started to treat the tight, itchy, dry feeling on your skin, while oils and conditioners could help treat the impact on your hair. New skin ailments began to arise, with stronger and even medicated treatments to counter these issues.

The problem with adding all of these products to your routine? Not only is it costly and time consuming, it’s not actually addressing the problem.


The Hard Truth

Not only have these detergents been robbing your skin and hair of their natural moisture, they were ganging up on your body with an unlikely anti-hero: Your water.

Detergents bind to hard water, trapping them against your skin. The white, sticky, hard to clean residue you see all over your shower wall and fixtures? That’s the real culprit in the case of itchy hair and skin!

So the squeaky clean you’ve been programmed to desire is a complete fallacy. Literally the opposite of what you’ve been sold. You’re not squeaky because you’re clean, you’re squeaky because you’re covered in sticky, itchy soap scum.

Not only are these mineral deposits and residues clinging to you like bad perfume, they’re making your hair dry and brittle. You’ve tried using different formulas, different products… and many expensive brands offer ingredients to specifically counter the effects of this “soap curd”. You might notice a temporary change, but soon, the soap scum starts to build up again and you’re back at square one.

The only way to truly counter the effects of hard water is to deal directly with the minerals making your water hard!


Squeaky or Silky?

We’re going to put it to you straight. Your first couple of showers using soft water are going to feel… foreign. It will take some getting used to. Many customers report their skin feels different, using words like slippery or silky to describe their skin post shower. It’s a far cry from squeaky, and there is definitely an adjustment period.

Additionally, many people find their hair seems heavy, or unclean after their first shower. That’s going to have a lot to do with how much soap you’ve had to use in your past. Soft water requires far less soap to achieve your desired results when it comes to hair. Soft water allows suds to form freely, and you’ll achieve a rich, luxurious lather with far less soap than before.

 DermaScope experts weigh in on the topic:

“The skin needs its own natural lipids to maintain the integrity of its natural moisturizing factor, which keeps sebum production regular and plays an important role in its cell turnover rate. The skin’s natural lipids also help to nourish and support the skin’s microbiome and keep follicles lubricated and soft, which prevents debris and excessive dead cells from accumulating.

There is a common misconception that oily skin causes acne and clogged pores or that oily skin needs to be cleansed more rigorously or more often in order to be clean.”

It’s time to put a clean face on soft water!


Softer, Sudsier


If you thought soap stuck to your skin after a shower, you can imagine what happens when you sit in a puddle of hard water fueled suds! Not only are you sitting in a tub of skin-drying minerals, you very likely had to use at least 3 times as much soap as recommended just to achieve the opaque bubble cover a bath demands!

Soft water means softer, healthier skin and hair! Not only that, but hard water can quickly take a hard hit on your budget! In addition to overspending on detergents, soaps, and scum removers, your clothes, dishes, and appliances are hit hard by mineralized water. If you’re noticing rapid wear and tear, you likely have your water supply to blame.

If you have concerns about your water, or simply want to have your water supply tested to determine your home’s needs, contact one of our highly qualified professional dealers today for a full assessment at 1-800-867-5400, or visit our website at


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