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Retreating to your family’s cabin in the woods or cottage by the lake is a relaxing way to spend the summer. It’s a special place with all the comforts home, yet you are miles away from the daily grind of everyday life.

Of course, as close as it is to heaven on earth, it’s not perfect. There may be a few mosquitoes to swat and all that time outdoors makes it hard to avoid a little sunburn. Another annoyance many owners of cabins and cottages deal with is water quality.

You probably notice differences in the way water at the cabin tastes, smells, and looks. It may also cause some issues with cooking and cleaning. The difference in water quality may be especially noticeable for people who have municipal water at home and a private well at their vacation home.

Depending on where you live, and what type of water treatment equipment you have at home, the water at your cabin is likely much harder than you’re used to. But, there could be other factors impacting water quality, too.

Here’s a look at common complaints concerning water at cabins and cottages as well as what you can do to make your water right.

Hard Water and Showering

After a long day of hanging out on the beach, swimming in the lake, and hiking through the woods, there’s nothing like a refreshing hot shower to get rid of sunscreen, sweat, and bug spray. Hard water can ruin your showering experience, however, leaving you feeling less than completely clean.

That’s because hard water doesn’t play well with soap and shampoo. The hard minerals (magnesium and calcium) in unsoftened water prevent you from getting a nice, sudsy lather. It also means the soap on your hair and skin is harder to rinse off, which leaves soap residue behind.

These hardness minerals are a product of the environment the water travels through before entering your cabin. So depending on how far you travel to reach your home away from home, the water quality will vary based on the landscape. Water that is just slightly harder than you are used to can make a big difference.

If your hair looks limp and your skin feels itchy when you’re at the cabin, it may be more than the bugs and humidity. It could be your water. Installing a water softener at your vacation home creates water that is better for bathing, and helps you look your best because you’ll want everyone looking sharp for that family photo!

You can easily combat these hard water problems by installing one of our amazing Evolve softeners. Call us today to learn more!

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